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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Truth About Cellulite - Cellulite & Unhealthy Skin

Cellulite occurs when a thicker layer of fat when the body ceases to be able to optimally porker ovate entire layer to the surface.

Sagging fat layer on the bottom are precisely the case here and therefore begin to show changes over time in the quality of the skin, which are collectively known as cellulite.Cellulite Solution consists of two steps; first reduce the layer of fat on the buttocks in order to facilitate blood flow to the skin and subcutaneous fat. Second, choose a physical activity that causes proper blood flow to the skin.

Already sketch under this situation, health.proconview  you can see that no pill or ointment for cellulite will help. No pill or cream because I can not reduce the fat layer and change the supply of blood / blood vessels in the affected area.

The only speed could perhaps be liposuction, but without subsequent changes to the way of life, cellulite quickly returns. Concerning the first step, weight loss, are there special articles.

The second step, here you will find lots of training. The point is, but attitude. Need a dynamic and energetic approach. The movement should always be as explosive when you start, it causes the greatest circulation. 

This move can be used after some practice in the gym, but it is also a lot of components mainly collective sport like tennis, volleyball, football, where she starts and braking, another such activities (and probably the most popular) are sex. So any activity where there is a lot of involvement of different muscles and blood is being chased around the body. On the contrary, they are unfit for circulation endurance activities such as running and bike. While this is good against fat, but not to such a perfusion of the skin Therefore it is best to combine all three types of performance strength, endurance and dynamic

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Truth About Cellulite - All About Cellulite

Will I ever get rid of cellulite? Is the question that "Haunts" almost every woman at some point in his life. Find out some secrets that will help you get rid of the nightmare called cellulite!

If we see a medical dictionary we find the following definition of cellulitis: inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue.
Cellulite is a complex disorder of the skin and the whole body. It should not be confused with fat, overweight, but is conditioned by them and can occur because of sedentary lifestyle, a hormonal disorder, has a poor blood circulation, digestive or nervous system disorders.

Causes Of Cellulite

Internal Causes Of Cellulite

1. Poor blood circulation - blood circulation is to nourish and oxygenate various organs and systems. If it is defective and does not need speed and pressure, blood no longer feeds the fat properly and it no longer fulfills the role of the body's energy provider. Truth About Cellulite Thus, these toxins are accumulated in layers no longer removed by blood;

2. Water retention in adipose tissue - connective fibers of the upper layers of skin are virtually flooded with liquid, the volume of certain fat cells grow and cause swelling of the dermis and epidermis crowded slabs rough cellulite. This excess fluid in the dermis contribute specific female hormones (estrogens), which play a major role in the metabolic processes of water in the tissues;

3. Stagnant toxins in fat tissues - toxins attack the collagen and elastin fibers that provide skin smooth and firm.
With aging, the fibers of collagen and elastin lose the flexibility of leaving it blank tears cellulite, flabby skin and reaching the shallows;

4. Hormonal imbalance - that is manifested by an excess of estrogen leading to a thickening of the arms, hips, buttocks, thighs etc, combined with fluid retention enhances the appearance of cellulite.

External Causes Of Cellulite

1. Inactivity and insufficient physical activity;
2. State long standing or sitting on a chair;
3. A poor sex life;
4. Food indiscipline.

At first local cellulitis is usually on the legs, thighs and buttocks, then it progresses up to the ankle. Also, cellulite prone areas are arms and abdomen. A person affected by degree of cellulite (cellulite is visible only to pinching or tightness between the fingers of an area) can permanently get rid of it, through sports and body treatments!

When This Is An advanced degree can only regress to the degree, it is no longer visible at first glance, but the pinching or strangeri.Este best to discover the causes of cellulite and prevent it and if appeared yet to stop and try to remove it through internal and external means.

For example, an internal natural remedy is horsetail tea (a good diuretic), buckthorn tea (depurative), tea elder or ash. All this helps to detoxify our body to eliminate water and toxins retained by it. Cellulite creams should have to contain the following substances: ivy, caffeine, iodine, seaweed, vitamin C etc.. This is just a simple help to prevent and stop cellulite, but it does not mean that reduce or eliminate it.

Cellulite removal process is long and requires a lot of patience. Among the most successful methods recommended cellulite massage cellulite wraps parafango and professional. A complete treatment (20 sessions) can reduce up to 30% of cellulite, ie about 1 degree!

Truth About Cellulite Review:When you start a cellulite treatment, it must be combined with healthy eating and rational, with movement, performing intensive physical therapy and the use of cream for maintenance. After removal of a considerable percentage of cellulite is to drink 2-3 times a week detoxifying teas, eat as many raw fruits and vegetables (by boiling or roasting loses its enzymes), to make moving and will Maintain results with cellulite massages.

In treating cellulite massage using traditional besides olive oil, drained and invigorating essential oils.

It is recommended that evening after each shower use a body cream and one 3-4 times a week if you are prone to cellulite appearance. Once every 2 weeks, a body peeling is necessary to remove a layer of dead cells and open pores.

Article Developed in collaboration with Elisabeth Ratiu, Director Center Betty Blue Slimming and body Joey Atlas !