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Monday, 11 February 2013

Truth About Cellulite - Skin Care Cellulite

There are foods which are acid-and conversely those that are cellulite. This is the group to which the food comes, but can not be determined by its taste.As an example, consider a lemon, which, although it tastes very sour, it works for the body as a principle.

Chiseling thorny most dangerous foods are meat, sugar and alcohol.

 Nowhere is it written that these foods should be totally excluded from the diet, but it is important to know about their effects, eat them in moderation and combined with food consumption zealot corny. But even that does not guarantee that the acidity of the body occurs.

In addition to food because it is influenced by other important factors its significant role played by the psyche. Any stress or mental stress leads to imbalance, which leads to increased formation of acidic substances in the body.

As in the case of hyperacidity can help the skin?

Besides the already mentioned, a balanced diet and well-being today there are dietary supplements that to help maintain the acid-base balance About Cellulite Review

These preparations include minerals and trace elements that contribute to the normal function of the immune system and among other to maintain the optimum condition of skin, hair, nails, the proper metabolism of acids and bases, and equally important electrolyte balance

Some people have a disorder of enzymes that break down sugars.

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